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    上海新华灯具厂有限公司是生产灯具的综合性国家二级企业,有六十多年历史,注册地在黄家路195号,企业以设计、销售为中心的建筑面积为2400平方米总部,以生产制造中心,即奉贤分厂有限公司为分部,厂房建筑面积为4500平米。主打产品有:机床照明灯(节能型、紧凑型、LED型)、工矿灯具(金卤灯、LED)、船舶灯具、办公绘图灯具、医疗灯、缝纫机照明灯、LED(柜台及顶棚照明)灯具、国家防汛灯等120个系列、260多个规格。制造经验丰富, 产品质量可靠。


      Shanghai Xinhua Lamp Factory Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive nationalproduction of lamps two enterprises, there are more than 60 years, registered inHuang Road No. 195, enterprise with design, sales center for the construction area of 2400 square meters headquarter, to production manufacturing center,Fengxian Branch Co. Ltd. is a branch, plant construction area of 4500 square meters. The main products are: machine tool lamp (energy saving, compact type,LED type), mining lamps (metal halide lamp, LED), ship lamps, lamp, lamp, medicaloffice drawing sewing machine lights, LED (counter and ceiling lighting lamp), the state flood control lamp 120 series, 260 specifications. Rich experience in manufacturing, product quality and reliable.

    The company has passed ISO9001:2008 qulity management system certification,the products has passed GS,CE,ROHS,3C certification qulifications,contractre credit enterprises, in 2013 won the Shanghai city "old name" title,and obtain practical 16 patents, 3 invention patents A country, Shanghai, has been rated as "quality trustworthy products", "quality products and catch up with the " Ministry of chemical industry production license granted explosion-proof lamp card, Japan Kawashima machinery engineering, manufacturing and salescertificate awarded. Our company is willing to provide strain every nerve, "Sliver Star" brand for all friends, is willing to scientific policy to guide the production, with advanced technology, new technology, excellent quality, reasonable price, as provide you with the most satisfactory service. 

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